Cost-effective and quick feedback from different target groups for your products and services

Professional telephone customer care for the success of your business

Using the telephone correctly for your own sales promotion is an art. It requires linguistic skill, emotional sensitivity, and an effective mix of friendliness and persistence. In addition, a high level of motivation is indispensable.

That is why we see it as a sign of great trust to represent a company on the phone. We work hard to confirm this trust every day and in the most diverse call situations.

For this reason, you do not have to enter into a fixed-term contract with us. On the contrary, our service can be canceled on a monthly basis. There is also no minimum purchase of telephone hours.

Building and maintaining a good name

In order for you to always be able to follow our work in detail, we offer the highest level of transparency by using the online database “Salesbox”. As our customer, you can view all contacts and conversations regarding your order in detail there at any time. 

We provide you with competent and motivated support, for example, in the acquisition of new customers, reactivation of former customers and surveys of existing customers. 

You can rely on a friendly and professional approach from our contact persons. Thus, every telephone contact serves at the same time as a positive, verbal figurehead and supports your company in both building and maintaining a good name.

We place special emphasis on the fact that our employees do not work in a typical call center environment. They make calls for you from individual offices. That’s why we don’t have any of the background noise that accompanies normal phone calls. 

We concentrate entirely on handling your order with high quality and full concentration. We do not allow any distractions – neither for our employees nor for their call partners.

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You retain full control over every telephone action

Of course, with your consent, we program our modern telephone system to give the impression that every call we make on your behalf comes directly from your company and is carried out by one of your employees. 

In this way, we additionally contribute to strengthening the basis of trust with your customers. You get a lot of information from us about your customers, their behavior and wishes.

Together, we use the experience we gain with your customers to continually optimize and redefine, among other things, the goals, approach and scope of campaigns. 

Thanks to our extraordinary transparency and flexibility, you retain full control over every telephone campaign you commission us with at all times. You can use this advantage to go beyond the goals of our assignment and use the data we collect to develop new ideas for engaging with your company’s customers.

High attention in your target markets

We contribute to your success with professional telephone calls.

Competent, friendly and motivated, we develop targeted opportunities for your company according to your specifications. In this way, we are personally, individually and unmistakably active for you. You can rely on that. 

With us, telephone acquisition will not become an unpleasant and expensive experiment for you and your customers. We design every telephone marketing campaign to be customer-friendly and successful. 

In this way, we will achieve a high level of attention for your company and its products in the target markets you have defined.

Test the cooperation with us without any risk, because we are self-confident enough to renounce a long contractual commitment. 

For us, trusting cooperation with satisfied customers is more important than just a relationship on paper. That’s why we give you every freedom to challenge and evaluate us again and again. Use this opportunity to get to know us. What opportunities may we work out for you?

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