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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a very important digital marketing tool.  For us, as a provider of this service, it is important that our customers understand exactly, 

  • what SEO is exactly 
  • what needs to be done to be successful here
  • how to measure success.

Because measuring success and increasing website traffic and getting more contact inquiries is what we want to achieve.

SEO is crucial because it makes your website more visible, and that means more visitors and more opportunities to convert prospects into customers.

Two of the crucial elements of SEO marketing are the following:

Keywords (Key words)

Keywords – also known as key phrases – should be carefully researched and selected.

Keywords are words, phrases, expressions that potential customers use to find exactly the products or services that interest them. 

A competitor analysis can also be very helpful here. How and under which keywords can my competitors be found, on which positions are they in the search engine results and how often are these keywords searched for by users per month?

Which keywords are missing on my website? Sometimes there are different keywords for the same product or service.

This analysis is time-consuming, but successful in the end. It is also important to ask your own employees how customers ask questions, e.g. on the phone or in a personal conversation in the store.

It is useless to use technically correct keywords that a customer does not even know and therefore will not use.

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The content of the website is very important. Here must be interesting information about the keywords searched by the customers. 

The content must be a help for the customers. They recognize that you are the expert and offer here detailed information that the customers have not found so far and also help them further.

If you build interest via the content, the potential customer will also contact you.

Additional info that supports are, for example, videos, infographics and instructions that users can download as PDFs.

Also, in the area of optimizing content on various topics, you can find similar businesses nationwide and check out how they build that. It’s not about copying something, but getting ideas on what to work on.

The goal has to be that you build high authority with the website, meaning that both search engines and users recognize that the content is relevant, high quality and trustworthy

Also here a first analysis makes sense, contact us for a -free- conversation and online session.

Other important measures include:

Linking your own website from other good websites that have many visitors.

Local search engine optimization

The speed of the website on mobile devices (important ranking factor)

Visibility and ranking in search engines

Regular control of the implemented measures

Keeping the website always up to date technically.

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